Best Blackjack Games to Win

Best Blackjack Games to Win – 100% Up to £1000 Welcome Deals!

The Best Blackjack Games to Win Big

Loved around the world, blackjack or ’21’ is a popular card game. The aim is to take on the dealer, getting to a value of 21 from your initial two cards. The best blackjack games to win depends on which version you opt to play online. With a variety available, it can be tricky to know which offers the best odds.

To understand the rules is fairly simple and it makes for great entertainment in a crowded land casino. However, most prefer to play online with a mobile, tablet or desktop. This is because it’s one of the most simple digital betting games around.

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Since the 17th century, millions have won and lost against the dealer. Now you can play with multiple decks, with the rise of the internet creating more twists to this classic card game. Although tables games like roulette and poker are also fun, you can’t match the tense nature of blackjack. A great deal of luck is needed to advance, but equally bravery and tactics are just as important.

Learning the Best Blackjack Games to Win

While the classic version involves two cards for the player and two for the dealer, adaptations have emerged since. Originally, the game was all about getting to that magical 21 figure. We all know there are 52 cards in a deck, ranging from aces (1 or 11), numbers 2 to 10 and then face cards consisting of jack, queen and king.

Face cards equal ten, so when you combine your two, you try to get the best score of blackjack, which is 21 with a face card and an ace. The dealer tries to beat you and win for the casino with their own two cards, which they shuffle in a live environment.

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In recent times thanks to the internet and consumers wanting a greater challenge (and higher winnings), a variety of versions have surfaced. In Spain, for example, they remove the number ten cards to leave 48 in ten different decks. If the dealer and the player both get 21, what’s great is the player always wins.

Different variations are created because of the removal of the number 10 cards, which makes it more interesting. In Spanish 21, you can also give up your cards, known as a surrender, if you are dealt two poor cards. You can also get a ‘double down rescue’ for doubling down halfway through the bet.

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Discovering Switch in Blackjack

For an interesting spin on the best blackjack games to win, you can ‘switch‘ between two separate dealings. This is a great way to combine and save face after a bad pairing or improve what was already a good hand. It adds another dimension to the game and increases your chances of success over the house edge.

If you later decide to double, hit or split, the option to switch is then removed. For the dealer, they can only hit before reaching 17, which is great as it improves the odds of you winning the hand once again. Side bets are also available and it’s one of the only blackjack games where the player holds a distinct advantage.

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Try Duel Blackjack

It looks like a merger between blackjack and Texas Hold’em, so we love it! Who doesn’t love the best blackjack games to win? They help to take down the dealer! This is the case because you not only get two cards but you can also get assistance from community cards too.

The dealer can do the same but only counts for them if they have 13 or higher. If this isn’t the case, you win and collect the pot. That’s still the case even if your score is lower! Software giant PlayTech fronts this game in many of their casinos online.