New Live Blackjack Online

New Live Blackjack Online – New Sites with Great Live Dealers!

Why Play New Live Blackjack Online

For a thrill like no other, you can’t look beyond a live experience. Bridging the gap between visiting your local casino and relaxing at home, new live blackjack online perfectly combines the two. You can feel like being in Atlantic City, watching the shuffling of cards, and yet be stretched out on the sofa in your living room!

New Casino Blackjack Sites

It’s an amazing experience and might feel a little daunting at first. However, once you get used to it, you won’t look back. Why travel miles in the car to a local establishment when Las Vegas is at your door. The best technology from top developers streams from real casinos into your computer.

Test your wits and mettle by playing against real-life players in challenging scenery. In amazing HD quality from some casinos, you can interact and bet against a dealer in a live establishment environment. It’s brilliant how casinos now use technology to bring the gambling scene to you without moving an inch. Embrace it and find out even more in this blog.

New Live Blackjack Online

Whether you’re based in the UK or abroad, it doesn’t matter! The ability to play anywhere on multiple devices providing you have a decent connection is awesome. Before signing up for a live experience, do a variety of checks to make sure it’s a legally authorised website.

You can check this in Great Britain by looking for the UKGC logo. Read through the terms and conditions to make sure the wagering requirements match your budget. This is important because you want to spend within your means. Once you do that, bonuses and new live blackjack online awaits. Which is the best website to go with? Well you wouldn’t be in a bad place at all at CoolPlay casino.'s website

For instance, if you opt for 888 casinos, they currently have a £100 bonus when you sign up, which really helps the cause! Casinos want to find more business online because it saves them money and makes more of a profit for them. That’s without considering the benefit of streaming like you’re in the casino, but actually chilling at home!

Which is the Best Developer for Live Streaming?

Take your pick, because there are a number of decent websites to pick from. One of the first to embrace ‘new’ live blackjack online was NetEnt. Since 2013, they have been leading the charge for this kind of service to players around the world.

With top dealers who know how to handle the cards professionally, they put you at ease with some friendly banter. Although they only have roulette and blackjack available, cool features like the last ten hands and perfect HD streaming create an experience like no other.


Alternatively, you can opt for Evolution Gaming. They provide their streaming system to Bet Victor Casino and 888 as well, with over 35 tables to test your luck! With ten years in the game, they show no signs of slowing down yet. You can even get involved with some side bets and pre-decision features once you get a feel for the provider.

What helps early on if you’re a beginner is shopping around for some free games. It’s great for learning the ropes and getting familiar with a completely new live blackjack online experience. Most authorised casinos would be happy to do this, as it’s a win-win for both parties.

Playtech and Extreme Live Gaming

These two need no introduction. Both juggernauts of the betting industry, they have developed so many different slots, roulette and card games that we’ve lost count. However, PlayTech is only recently dipping their toes in the live casino scene.

Play in Elite VIP Casino Lounges

For a different slice of luck, there are a few new players to the table as developers. Look out for Extreme Live Gaming, who know their way around a blackjack table in a short space of time, with a multi-seat option available.